Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Organizing Trick for Your Drawers

Many times the clothing items you grab out of your drawers are always on the top, leaving the ones under everything lost and unused. Then if you do want an item from this lower layer you have to send out an expedition team to discover it. Likely ending with a big ball of unorganized clothing ready to cram back into the drawer.

There is a little organizing trick to avoid this requiring a minor change in your folding method, though the results will save you time and hassle:

Organizing your drawers:

How cool is that?
Remember: Vertical is Visible, Horizontal is Hidden.

Now run to your drawer and try out this little trick, maybe you will find a long lost tshirt or favorite yoga pants.

What did you unearth in your drawer?

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Juicer said...

Too Easy and Too Good!!!