Sunday, February 19, 2012

Are you a Bag Lady?

Tax season is upon us and my positive thought for you is this means Spring is around the corner. (Yeah!) Now is the time to start gathering up all your paperwork and start planning to fill out your 1040's. The majority of us must file, so let's make it a happy experience.

Jill called me to help gather all of her paperwork together so she can get it to her accountant. Not too difficult of a task, though for Jill who is in her mid 70's and in a wheelchair this could become challenging. She had placed much of her mail in plastic grocery bags. There wasn't too much junk mail to sort through, but gathering all her medical bills and investement sheets took some time.

"I think I've become a bag lady," Jill commented as we opened a drawer in her dresser filled with bags of paperwork. Well, at least none of the papers will be damaged, I assured her plus it made it easy to sort through the papers since they were grouped in months. There wasn't a bag for each month, rather 2-3 months in each bag.

In the end, we had all of her investment papers together, her medical expenses sorted and the housing receipts collected. Jill thanked me for helping her complete this task in just over one hour, which likely would have taken her a full day and exhausted her had she done this on her own. And, she would likely have bags of unneeded papers scattered about her room.

It's tax time. It is what it is.
Complaining about it isn't going to make it better.
And does complaining ever truly help any situation?

So, What's your positive thought about tax season?

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