Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grab Your Toilet Paper and Get Organized

It's your home.
You have lived there for years and become accustom to how things are.

Look around your home
and pick a room.
What do you see?

One BIG, HUGE mess with no hope of EVER getting organized. Why even bother? You've lived this long with it. Yeah, you feel overwhelmed and cranky about it, though there is nothing you can really do. It's just too much.

You have a problem. And, yeah, it may be a pretty big one, too. The thing is that all BIG problems are made of up smaller problems. Those smaller problems are made up of tiny problems. Solving these tiny problems, is exactly what you need to accomplish to love your home again.

How do you find these tiny problems to solve?
Reduce your vision.

Here's a clip from FOX Toledo news showing you this little trick:

Focusing in on a project:

So, grab a roll of toilet paper and look through the hole.
What do you see? Tiny problems.

By reduce your vision of the entire area, you can focus on smaller tasks. As you conquer these smaller tasks, the bigger problem begins to dwindle away. You begin to breathe easier in your home. Everything seems lighter and brighter.

Pretty slick, uh?
Get out there and enjoy the day!

What did your toilet paper roll show you?

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