Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Put on Your Boogie Shoes!

Moving is stressful alone, let alone when you are rushed into it, which is exactly what happened with "Mary." The rushed moved caused her basement to become the dumping ground.

The first area we needed to pick up a bit to be able to assemble a desk. The tricky part was trying to figure out how to put the desk together without instructions. Once that assembled, Mary now had a raise working surface to sort through boxes. Later, her daughters could use the desk for crafting, games or puzzles.

Mary's daughters are big into dance and even has an area in her basement set up for them to practice. Though with the sudden move, the dance floor was the covered in boxes, bags and random household items. Box by box, we sorted through the pile, putting items away as we went. The dance floor was found again and Mary had an idea of what was left in each box she needed to sort through.

Out of all of this, there was one large bag of trash and two boxes of donation items. Mary's daughters will look through their toys and find more to donate. Mary will look through her boxes and find more to trash. In the end, the basement will be back in shape ready for practicing new dance moves and lounging around the TV.

"It's gonna take 13 hours to clean this mess up," Mary thought.
Well, we worked for 3 hours.
She has a bit more work to do, but way less than 13 hours.

What's your favorite type of dance music?

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