Saturday, November 20, 2010

What Value Do You Put on Being Organized?

Today's world seems to function as such a crazy, fast pace. It is very easy to lose track of time and things. Just as a little snow ball rolling down Mt. Everest, it slowly builds and builds, and builds ... into this monstrosity of a beast barreling down the slope out of control.

Lack of organization in your home or office begins very small. Maybe its just setting down the mail on the counter as you walk in the door. Perhaps you go change your clothes, start watching TV, or check on your 257 Facebook friends while the mail pile waits. Then you get hungry, make some dinner, get the kids to work on homework, check on Facebook again and get ready for bed.

Waking up in the morning you rush to get everyone out the door on time, grab your keys nearly knocking all of the mail on the floor (geez, that would have been a mess) and dash out to your car.

After a day at work, you nearly get hit by a teenager swerving while texting, you make it safely home. Grab the mail and as you walk into your home ... well, mine as well set it on the counter with the other mail.  You'll get to it later. BAM! Your little organizing snow ball has just begun.

Repeat this cycle a few days and you certainly have an organizing nightmare staring at you every time you get home.  Making feel overwhelmed, stressed and not the happy person you deserve to be.

My fellow professional organizer, John Trosko, who is the founder of OrganizingLA a premier Southern California organizing firm beautifully stated the value of our services:

"Some people wonder why organizers charge so much. Well, our fees are an amazingly value when you compare it to the time, effort & worry you encounter searching for something, not to mention the cost of having to replace an item you can't locate and the discouraging disappointment that comes from this circle. A professional organizer can help you get organized faster and more thorough than doing it yourself."

Being organized is an investment in yourself.

Sure you can focus and bring organization to your home, office and life all on your own.  Though if you are struggling, frustrated and ready to wave a big white flag, find a local professional organizer. We are here to help you love your home and office, again.  Get you out enjoying the fun in life.

What value do you put on enjoying yourself?


John Trosko said...

Angie, thank you for the compliment, and I love your post.

I think we ALL need to look at the things that are important in our lives, whether it's family, work, hobbies or sports-- and spend more time doing the things that make us happy. I don't know of anyone who is happy being "disorganized!" Organizing can make life more pleasurable and of course save time and save money. Remember a little goes a long way, just a day with an organizer can push you to that next level. And you can take the new or enhanced skills and apply them to your life in little ways that will make a big difference.

John aka OrganizingLA

Blake said...

I agree on being organized is an investment in yourself. Being organized helps you finish work as soon as possible. In my office space in Dulles, VA, I told my employees to personalize their desk and organize their files well. Of course, I'm included in that mix. Because the files we need are in some place that we know and are organized neatly, we can get them easily. It's not just in my Dulles branch. I've implemented this in my office space in Reston, VA, too. The employees never complained about the rule of personalizing their desks. In fact, they seem to like it. Because of that, the office is clutter-free and very organized!

Emma Stickland said...

In our Charlotte, NC office space, we make sure that each desk is organized by having the employees "personalize" their desk, and giving an award for the most organized desk every month. It's good to promote proper organization in the office. Charlotte, NC branch's employees are always excited for the award. Giving the employees recognition is a good idea to motivate them to becoming more organized.