Monday, October 25, 2010

Get Organized and Breathe Again

Maggie wanted to get organize to regain her own space again in her home which she had seem to lose to her children and grandchildren.

As I walked through Maggie's home, we entered her bedroom. She became visibly upset. This is where we needed to start. She was upset, nervous and felt overwhelmed.  Though as we continued to chat about a plan to get her bedroom organized, she had thanked me and told me she felt like there was hope ... and she began to feel better!

This is how Maggie's bedroom looked when we started.
We sorted out her dresser drawers and cleared the piles.

In the end, we had a large bag for the trash and several bags and boxes for donation.

"I can Breathe!"

We were also able to get Maggie's closet cleaned up in our 4 hours of time together, too.
Clients like Maggie remind me why I love my job.

Helping people feel better about their home is fantastic!

What client has reminded you why you do what you do?