Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Buried Garage Treasures

Whoo-wee! These beautiful hot summer weather days are perfect for organizing your garage.

You can have the music blaring, enjoy the sunshine, while you pull everything out and see what you have ... maybe find something you had forgotten.

"Kim" was tired of looking at her garage with all the stuff stacked,
"There is just too much stuff. I need to purge."

We did more than purge.
We set items aside for a garage sale, took a LOAD of items to Goodwill for donation, and found a few treasures. Even some items that had not been opened from the boxes delivered.
(they were lost in the stacks)

My car was loaded with items. After we unloaded everything, I took a picture of the items Kim was donating. It is a good idea to have a snapshot of items you donate. No need for every shirt, plate, and nick-nack donated.

We then returned and continued to dust off the shelves, sweep the floor, clean a garage closet and sort through boxes of Christmas items.

Kim was so excited she was going to be able to get her car into the garage without worry about banging into items.
Plus, she has all her garage sale items in one area ready to be sold.
AND, she can now make paninis with her griddle and fresh juice from her juicer. Items she purchased but the boxes were lost.

Great, fun HOT pre-summer day!!

What have you purchased but never used?


Debbie said...

After watching every episode of Hoarders...Kim didn't have much stuff! LOL

It looks wonderful and I hope you enjoy it. Great job...

Stevie said...

Too much has been bought and misplaced...I guess that happens when you move. I think I've even misplaced some wedding shower items I had...and I know I've misplaced at least some baby clothes that would fit Caralyn now on this last move.

Josh and I are slowly getting things done though...hopefully when he gets back in September we can work on the garage because I'm sick of not having my own actual laundry room and him having his own actual computer room.

Angie Weid said...

@Debbie - Thanks. Kim was not happy with her garage and wanted to let go of things. Not a hoarder by any means. I did work on an A&E Hoarders project and should be airing in Sept/Oct 2010.

Stevie - You need to work slowly at your projects. Make little ones and enjoy the success. My offer to visit Seattle is still available. I'll have this summer. If you can round up a couple clients, I'll take care of your organizing your home.