Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kon Tai Bai ... Later My Friends

Kon tai bai? means 'hello' or 'how are you?' in Papiamentu, the official language of Bonaire, a Portuguese based Creole.

My boys are with grandma,
I am off on vacation to Bonaire with my man.
We are going on a week long Scuba diving adventure.

Stranded on a small island 40 miles north of Venezuela.
No cell phones, laptops or TV for a week.
Just eagle rays, sea turtles, baby squids, nurse sharks, beautiful coral reefs and many other fun little critters.

Take care of yourselves ... I'll be back next week.

Where do you want to be stranded?


Anonymous said...

You and M. have fun swimming with the tortuga di lamans. ;)

Will miss ya!!

SOUL said...

oooooh i'm jealous-- but happy for you!!
that sounds sooo awesome. even tho i have never heard of that place.

well-- you know i am stranded-- and no where fun-- but hopefully soon, maybe i can have a mini vacation too -- somewhere.

hope you two are havin a blast!!!