Friday, September 15, 2006

OK....enough time has past.....

FIVE MONTHS!! I can't believe how much time has past. I have a ton of excuses, but I believe you can only give one excuse, ever. Whenever anyone give me more that one excuse, they lose me.

For example: "I am sorry I was unable to help you move. I was sick." Alright...I am bummed you couldn't help. I hope you are feeling better. That is a valid excuse. Now,on the other hand...example: "I am sorry I was unable to help you move. I was sick, then my boys had a game, I had to clean my house...blah, blah, blah..." This scenario does not make me feel good.

So, my excuse for not blogging.......I didn't see the point. No one is reading this, why bother? That was until I came to Chapter 15 in Scott Ginsberg's book, How to Be That Guy. He is that nametag guy ( Anyway.....Chapter 15 is titled, "If You Don't Have a Blog, You're a Putz!"
Well, I am not a putz and I do have a blog. I just do not use it. Thank you Mr. Ginsberg for inspiring me to try this blog stuff out, again.

Welcome to my blog....Let's see where this goes.

How do you feel about excuses? Have you ever made a change after an excuse?

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